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    Oil pastel landscapes with house in back of road landscapes original art by artist Hilary Frihd for sale online. The oil pastel landscapes titled Pastel Landscape Planting Trees Outside House. The oil pastel drawing of the cool landscape with trees and houses for sale with worldwide shipping from Sweden. This oil pastel arts on professional artist paper sized at 32 X 24 CM. This pastel landscapes signed original art with no copies or prints of this landscape for sale. This is one of a kind rare art

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Wasteland Original Art! Oil pastel landscape by artist Hilary Howard. Cool landscapes 32 X 24 CM oil pastel drawings of trees in landscapes with dead looking trees and a lake. Waste Land Oil Pastel Art Ships Worldwide.

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Online Art Auctions Oil Pastel Indian Campground Signed Original Art For Sale By Artist Hilary Frihd. This oil pastel American Indian landscape with tent and camp sites 32 X 24 CM on professional art paper for watercolor paintings and pastel artwork. This cool landscapes one of a kind rare original art made in Sweden by Hilary Frihd. The Indian Campground Pastel Landscapes One Of  Hilary Frihd's last works of art. No copies of this artists art was ever sold it's all original art.

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Cat ACEO Art Cards Serious Cat With Green Eyes On 3 1/2 X 2 1/2 Inch 1 Mil Thick Acid Free Matte Board Signed Original Art By Hilary Leigh

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No copies or prints of our artists artworks ever sold we sell rare 1 of a kind paintings & original art online art gallery sales original art online with no copies or prints of the artists art and paintings ever for sell. We sell online in our art auctions at the best prices for art from Europe with worldwide shipping & most aceo art cards and paintings for sale from our miniature art gallery auctions have free shipping.

     ART SOLD BY Is all original art and original paintings! Buy Art On Auction. Cool Art & Cool Paintings On Sale off Art Auctions on our Internet Auction Websites that sell art on auction. Cool Art Gallery Sales Original Art, paintings, sculptures, aceo art cards & art for sale online buy Art Auctions That sell art direct from the artist and from art galleries around the world.

Art Photos, Art Videos & Art Pages Here all contain artwork that is copyrights of the artists & art galleries. It is not legal to make copies or reproduce the art online here in anyway.

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click the picture of the cat painting to email us cool cats and ask about custom dog portraits from photos, custom cat portrait paintings or custom art by artists for hire commissioned art customized painting and art custom made

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   Not many of our oil paintings or big paintings on big canvas will be sold online or listed on art auctions for sale online since most of our oil paintings for sale will seen in our art gallery in Sweden and for sale at art shows in Europe. Our Art Gallery Locations IN Sweden via ┼skloster Sverige. The art gallery is between Varberg Sweden & Gothenburg Sweden. If you visit Sweden and wish to buy art or check out our art gallery paintings etc details are on

new art auctions paintings for sale online in our art auctions art gallery auction directory links to live art auctions online with original art for sale on auction. You can also buy art & buy paintings for sale online with no registration needed details in our news on our art auctions

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Buy Abstract Art With Cats By The Artist That Painted Cats Dinner Party Paintings As Seen In Our Art Gallery That Sells Funny Paintings & Funny Art With Cats And Dogs & Birds and Funny Animal Paintings By Landscape And Animal Artist Hilary Leigh at Auctions That cool artists also an American face painter & body painter now selling art in Europe