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   ACEO Art Cards For Sale Online Custom Cards Made By ACEO Artists Online. The ACEO Art Gallery Photos there to show ACEO Original Paintings & ACEO Original Art Cards Made By The Artist That Will Custom Make Cards For You Online If You Order Customized Cards via ACEO Art Cards For Sale Online By Us At To order cards online from our aceo artists and painters etc read below the aceo art cards for sale. We can customize cards and ship worldwide for fun art cards that are one of a kind rare on sale

ACEO Art History Of How ACEO Art Cards & ATC Art Trading Cards Started

   ACEO Art is not just subject or regulated to paintings, prints, photos, drawings and cards on paper or small board for some ACEO Arts sculptures, books, pop up 3D art and 2D art of all types. Some ACEO Arts also made from metal or just about any object yet the idea behind ACEO Art was said to be from art cards or paintings made as small art from a Swiss artists art expo or art show. M.Vni Stirnemann the artist known for ATC Art Trading Cards was said to be at an art exhibit in Switzerland to show art cards or small paintings and small artworks for sale at the art gallery exhibit. The last day of the art exhibit it was said this Swiss artist then asked other artists at the Switzerland art gallery expo to make art cards and share them or trade them at the art show. That's how people say the ACEO Art Cards started by artists that copied the Swiss Artists Idea and put regulated sizes and qualifications on Art Trading Cards or making cards to trade and share with other artists and calling them ACEO Art or ACE Art Cards. Now people can buy ACEO cards with not having to be an artist trading cards with other artists or using other art cards to trade for artists ACEO cards

  The only real qualifications for ACEO Art is that the ACEO Card Size Or ACEO ART Size has to be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 Inches in size to make aceo art official aceos. Making ACEO CARD SIZES BY EUROPEAN ACEO ARTISTS AND MOST OF THE WORLD THAT USED THE METRIC SYSTEM MAKES THE ACEO ART SIZED AT  63 by 89 MM OR FOR METRICS ON THE ACEO ART IN CM 6.3 By 8.9 CM etc.

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Cat aceo paintings original fat cat looking back. The aceo cat paintings an original aceo painting that shows a fat cat with a mad cat face painted on thick art paper sized for aceo art cards. The aceo cat paintings no longer for sale and the aceo cat pictures not one that shows big photos.

Picture of aceo cat paintings shows big cat paintings or fat cat paintings of cat painted in acrylic paint. That aceo cat paintings not for sale just old aceo cats to show art sold & art with cats that found homes etc.

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Art Photos, Art Videos & Art Pages Here all contain artwork that is copyrights of the artists & art galleries. It is not legal to make copies or reproduce the art online here in anyway.

To buy art cards for sale online via custom cards made for you contact for details if you missed an art auctions online for aceo art auctions on art cards you saw for sale online but we do not keep aceo art cards in stock for long since aceo art cards are popular types of art and aceo art sells fast online. If we no longer have that aceo art card for sale we can not sell prints or copies of aceo artworks since all our artists that sell art & aceo art cards online sell only original art and aceo original art cards etc.